Deliver Information

When you build an online presence (website, eCommerce, blog, etc) it should always have the static info on it like contact information, your business story, and possibly the team members that make us your organization, but what about the rest? How often should you update your site? Should you start a blog? Post on social media? The answer is yes to all. Ultimately it depends on what your goals with your online presence are.

For business websites, adding a blog is a great way to keep content fresh. Make sure you are updating your About page often. Update your team members list as often as you can. Post to social media to make sure your customers are getting a fresh view of your business. Use your online presence to communicate changes, especially around things like COVID-19 or other special circumstances that might be relevant to your business.

For eCommerce sites, make sure you are updating your front page with new items or sales. Make sure your customers are seeing your most sold items first, or your most recent best sellers. Many of the same things apply to eCommerce sites as they do with business websites. Using social media is a great way to promote whatever your eCommerce site is offering, and it allows customers to get an up to date view on what is hot on your store.

Blogs are very popular with many different industries and are a perfect way to deliver expertise and experience to the masses. Blogs by nature are providing up-to information to your customers or audience and are perfect for sharing on social media. Blogs help share information and can be a great way to deliver relevant targeted information to your customers or audience.

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