Remain Responsive

Every online experience has to be built with a mobile first approach, especially in today’s world of smartphones and tablets. Many businesses approached this by building a “mobile” site to compliment their “normal” website. What creates 2 different places that content has to be updated, as well as inconsistent online experiences for your customer. Using a responsive web approach to build your site from the beginning will ensure that your one single website is ready for all devices.

The term Responsive can be misunderstood, especially in web agency marketing. At its core, it simply means that your one web presence will “respond” to the device it is being viewed on. It is one site built with interfaces or layouts that make sure every device viewing your website sees the best view.

Desktop views are built for use with a keyboard and mouse, tablet views are built for touch and in-screen keyboard input, and mobile views are optimized for smaller screens, sometimes removing non-essential things that you would see in the desktop or tablet view. This type of approach allows for faster site loading, allowing you to remove those things that are not needed on the mobile website. Site menus are also condensed and moved out of the way, so you can see the content and interact with the website in a way that feels natural.

WAM Creative always build with a mobile/responsive first approach, making sure that whatever we build will look good on desktop, tablet, and mobile and we work with our customers to make sure theses views are approved. Connect with us today to learn more!